How Fast Can Someone Become Addicted to Drugs?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 17, December 2019

Drug addiction is not a game. People who try drugs have several excuses, ranging from peer pressure to depression, none of which is excusable. Even one mistake can lead to years of addiction, along with all the baggage associated with addiction.

There are several "reasons" a person might try drugs. As mentioned, peer pressure can be a driving force in the temptation to try different kinds of narcotics. However, friends who would pressure you into endangering your life are not true friends. These people are better to be cast off and left behind, rather than following them down into the rut of drug dependency.

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The road from experimentation to addiction is often short and slippery. No matter the cause leading to drug use, the risk of addiction is equal for everyone. Although statistics show that those living in poor conditions are more likely to turn to drugs, income and living conditions are not the deciding factor in a person's drug use. You are just as likely to find a rich addict, as you are to find one in poor conditions.

While the monetary background is shown in statistics to be a strong factor in drug use, there are several other causes of this behavior, including depression, major life-changing events, and loss of hope for ones' situation creating a need to escape in any way possible. The high created by drugs offers people a "good" feeling, wherein they again think they can take on the world.