How Effective Are Christian Drug Treatment Centers?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 18, October 2019

The effectiveness of any drug and alcohol treatment center does depend on what the client puts into his or her treatment. However, some treatment methodologies do have better success rates than others. Programs that provide treatment for the spiritual, physical, and psychological aspects of addiction do tend to have better results. Longer-term recovery is more attainable with evidence-based treatment, which includes detox, treatment, and aftercare. Christian drug rehab centers use clinical and evidence-based treatment methods along with the incorporation of faith. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, it found that people who went to treatment and remained in recovery longer afterward saw better success. The people who were part of this study attributed their long-term recovery with staying connected to a 12-step group. The twelve-step program is based on Christian ideals, but more importantly, it is a peer support group. The social and community support of a Christian rehab program provides a higher level of support. For those who are committed to their faith, it makes for better results over the long-term.

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The goal for when you attend drug rehab is to address all aspects of your addiction. It may be difficult to know if the program is successful, because of past attempts at treatment. When you are searching for treatment centers, have questions you want to ask. Not every treatment approach works for every addict. Some addicts require specific or even tailored programs to help them. Some Christian treatment centers can offer this. If you have strong faith, you may want to consider a faith-based approach. You may feel more comfortable going through treatment and working with others who share similar spiritual beliefs. The rehabilitation process is not easy, and it takes work to overcome any addiction. However, if you find the right type of help, such as long-term treatment with aftercare, you will see better results. Aftercare treatment can also incorporate spirituality, such as 12-step programs and other types of peer support groups.