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How Does Drug Free Virginia Provide Drug Education and Prevention?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

The mission of sink or swim is to build broad awareness of issues related to drug addiction and be an information resource for individuals and families impacted by drug use. The prevention organization also helps families and addicts find a hospital or medical detox centers in Virginia. People accessing treatment can also find recovery groups and peer support groups. For example, teen recovery programs help teen drug abusers and will help them work through the underlying issues they are struggling with. There is a wide variety of recovery options available for teens and adolescents, and it is important for teen addicts to find help right away because the addiction does become worse.

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The sink or swim program through Drug-Free Virginia will help teens who are abusing drugs or alcohol and provide effective drug prevention and education. The residential drug rehab programs in the state can help teen and adult drug users through inpatient treatment. These programs provide around-the-clock supervision, housing, meals are provided, and patients start to build structure and routine. Inpatient programs also provide 24-hour medical detox and care while professionals will assess an individual's recovery prior to them entering treatment. The outpatient programs are counseling-based and allow patients to return home between sessions. Accessing detox is the first step, and addicts in Virginia can find medical detox or traditional detox programs through the sink or swim program.

Drug prevention and education is important and does help countless people from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. The local schools throughout the state receive drug prevention and this is essential for young people. Young people such as adolescents in the state of Virginia struggle with drug addiction problems such as marijuana abuse, alcohol addiction, and the use of illicit drugs. Drug prevention programs help adolescents understand the importance of remaining drug and alcohol-free. When adolescents start abusing drugs, there is a higher percentage they will continue this use into their adult life.


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