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How Does Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment Work with Cigna?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Cigna services more than 95 million people around the globe.  The type of plan you have will determine what type of coverage you will receive for drug rehabilitation.  With a Cigna health insurance policy, you will have to get pre-authorization.  This means your health insurer determines that a treatment or equipment is medically necessary for your condition.  This is something you must obtain before your health insurance will pay for treatment.  Like most health insurance providers, there will be requirements to meet a deductible.  This would also be a co-payment if the drug rehab center you are attending is not fully covered.

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If you choose in-network providers within Cigna, you may avoid paying out-of-pocket.  Typically, an in-network provider will have a negotiated agreed-upon price for the treatment services being delivered.  This is still lower than the cost of treatment if you were paying everything out of pocket.  Anything that would be out of the network would not have this option.  Cigna will also provide employee assistance programs for employers to offer their employees.  These are excellent options for employees who are struggling with any type of problem.  Whether it is a personal issue, work-related, or drug addiction.  Employee assistance programs can be accessed at any time by the employee.  They are also 100% confidential, and nothing is released back to the employer.


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