How Does a Teen Boy Remain Sober After Drug Treatment?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 15, November 2019

Unfortunately, for most teenage boys struggling with addiction. There is not a perceived need for treatment, or understanding of how serious the problem is. Most teen or adolescent boys will not actively seek out help. It comes down to the parents intervening and getting help for their child. Research-based treatment techniques such as Motivational Interviewing is often successful. This types of interviewing process help clients realize the importance of change. This is especially important for teen boys. Getting them through the rehabilitation process is important. It will take time and is not always easy.

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Once treatment completes, many parents are left wondering what to do next. Most treatment programs will help set up some type of aftercare service. The aftercare is the steps taken to ensure your teen remains drug and alcohol-free. This also takes work and is not always easy. During any teen boy's life, there are high-risk situations that happen. This can be things as starting a new school, entering college or university, or moving out of the home. Even something as simple as starting your first job can add stress that leads to substance abuse.

The first step should be to provide a low-stress supportive environment. Having community, family, and peer support is essential. Programs in the community that allow the young man to contribute something is helpful. For example, volunteer groups or organizations that volunteer for improving the community. Being surrounded by peers with similar goals and aspirations is also important. Continuing with family therapy or educational programs provides more tools for them to use. Much of this about prevention, education, and support. These things will ensure your teen boy remains drug and alcohol-free.