How Do You Treat Prescription Drug Addiction?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 12, October 2019

Treating prescription drug addiction is not always easy. Most people who become addicted to these drugs do not always recognize there is a problem. It is only when they attempt to stop taking them or something bad happens, they clue in. Family and friends will notice the problem much sooner than the person abusing the drugs. It is common for interventions to be done, convincing a prescription drug addict they need help. The treatment process should always start with a medical detox or some type of medically supervised detox. This will often involve slowly tapering the addict off the drug or using other drugs to stabilize.

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Regardless if it is a dependency or addiction, medical detox is required. Further to this, some type of therapy or counseling should be done. Even a prescription drug dependency will need some counseling. It is important to understand what the need was to remain on the drug longer than required. Both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab centers are effective. Residential drug treatment works best for prescription drug addiction. Most addicts will have abused the drugs for a lengthy time and will need the added clean time. People who became dependent on their prescription can often get away with outpatient treatment. Yet, assessments are always a good idea to assist with determining what treatment is best.  

One of the steps that most former addicts do not think of is going to an aftercare program. Long-term addiction takes time to overcome. Inpatient treatment will resolve many issues, but if you have an opportunity for more clean time you should take it. This can be a sober living home, support group, or some other type of counseling. This transition period can help a former addict re-build his or her life again. Prescription drug addiction quickly spirals out of control and requires proper help.