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How Do You Treat LSD Addiction?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

The treatment for an LSD addiction must revolve around the psychological treatment of addiction and physical rehabilitation. Detox is needed mostly as an observation period unless the drug user is abusing other drugs along with the LSD. Residential drug rehab does provide better options for treatment because it offers a stabilized environment for the addict. LSD use causes flashbacks, which is one of the most common short and long-term effects of LSD. LSD flashbacks will happen during therapy, and the counselors at the program must be prepared to deal with this issue. Flashbacks can lead to further hallucinations because of residual LSD in the body and the damage done to the mind. The counseling process must address these issues and help bring the person back into a better state of consciousness.

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People who use LSD will suffer from drastic and unpredictable mood swings, and this type of emotional damage must be treated with proper therapy. This can often take time, which is why longer-term programs are often more beneficial. The delusions created by LSD are usually constant and can be with the person throughout treatment. Much of this is because of the drug residuals stuck in the body, which is why nutritional therapy is essential. Long-term LSD users will also struggle with reality, which leads to problems with critical thinking. LSD also causes memory issues and problems with cognition, adding a sense of confusion and memory loss. The treatment process should be well-rounded and address everything that is troubling the addict.

Finding the right type of help for an LSD drug problem is essential. The treatment process should include proper psychological treatment but also focus on nutrition and physical rehabilitation. Drug residuals can remain in the body for extended periods. Holistic treatment approaches for LSD abuse have proven successful in helping remove drug residuals from the body. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction involving LSD, there are numerous rehabilitation options throughout the nation that will help.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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