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How Do You Recognize an Addiction to LSD?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Being able to spot the effects of LSD early will help you intervene and get your loved one the help they need. With any drug addiction, it is crucial to look for visible and observable signs, and these can be both physical and psychological. Most of the clear indicators with LSD are physical, but many more of them are emotional and social, along with being psychological. Some of the initial signs of LSD abuse include dilated pupils, elevated body temperature, sweating, flushing, dehydration, and a loss of appetite. People who use LSD will also have trouble sleeping, suffer from mood changes, ramble incoherent speech or bizarre comments, and suffer from intense paranoia and anxiety. When someone is using LSD, it is essential never to intervene while they are under the influence of the drug, as this could make many of the symptoms much worse.

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The initial physical symptoms can be some of the first signs of LSD abuse, but also indicators such as drug-seeking behavior are a clear sign. Most drug users who are abusing LSD are also using other drugs and will display a drug-seeking behavior. Common traits of someone who is using drugs include avoiding responsibilities in life, rapid mood swings, drastic weight loss or weight gain, and sudden financial problems. Because LSD is a hallucinogen, there are unpredictable behaviors that will happen as a result of using the drug. LSD drug users will display poor judgment, poor decision making, suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, and have an impacted sense of time and space. Someone who is using LSD will become highly emotional, overly empathetic, have elated emotions, loss of memory, and a lack of motivation. Like other types of drug use, the person using drugs will have difficulty concentrating and suffer from paranoia.

Most of the psychological symptoms attached to LSD use are unpredictable. LSD also affects the chemicals produced in the brain such as serotonin levels, which is why many of the behavioral signs are emotion-based. The regular use of LSD will lead to clear drug-using indicators, and when this starts to happen, it is crucial to intervene right away. Drug addiction causes severe problems in a person’s life and can result in injury, legal issues, and side effects from the drug that could become irreversible. Some of the physical symptoms of LSD use include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, extreme sweating, weakness, dry mouth, and chills. The physical symptoms caused by LSD will vary depending on the person and the extent of the drug use.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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