How Do You Find Drug Addiction Treatment in Arkansas?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 10, December 2019

The best way to find treatment for substance abuse, especially for opioid addiction is through the Drug Rehab Services directory. The directory provided is extensive for the type of treatment services offered in the state. This will include a listing for all the available detox services across the state and those that help opioid addiction. Medical detox is essential and is the first step when treating any type of prescription drug addiction. The detox process is different for each person, and it could last one to two weeks in some cases. Once detox is complete, the patient should be transitioning to a residential drug treatment center. This type of program provides better options for opioid addiction.

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Long-term inpatient care permits an opioid addict to gain the clean-time they need to address all aspects of the addiction. Residential drug rehab centers are available throughout the state and are both private and government-funded. Drug Rehab Services has an extensive directory of services to help locate the best possible inpatient program. Once inpatient treatment is finished, the patient will have to then transition to an aftercare program. Sober living homes provide the best support and allow the recovering addict to stay connected with other sober people. Peer support groups are also excellent resources, and these are available all throughout the state of Arkansas.