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How Do the Virginia Drug Courts Help DUI or Drug Charges Offenders?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

The drug treatment courts in the state of Virginia are an alternative to court adjudication of drug offenders. Drug courts handle drug cases and like many other states, handle drug offenders much of the same way. In 2017 the state of Virginia processed over 46,000 drug-related offenses, but not all of these offenses went through the standard court process. Many of the cases were handled by the drug court system in Virginia, and drug courts represent a specialized judicial process designed to reduce recidivism in drug offenders. Drug courts focus on alternate methods of rehabilitation and the methods used vary by each court.

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A drug court provides closer and more individualized supervision for the offender than a probation program, for example. Drug courts help offenders through community drug counseling programs but have all the same powers as traditional courts. The drug courts in Virginia have their eligibility criteria, but offenders who have been found guilty of a violent offense within the past ten years are disqualified from the program. This guideline applies to both adults and juveniles. Each drug court in Virginia relies on a different process, and most drug courts require some combination of requirements. For example, there are regular court appearances, the offender must seek employment, and attend 12-step meetings regularly, and adhere to curfews, driving restrictions that depend on the needs of individual.

Drug courts in Virginia provide incentives to encourage compliance with program standards. These will be different for each drug court, but the purpose of a drug court is to ensure the offender can complete the program and not return back to drugs, alcohol, and crime. Drug courts are effective and over 50% of drug offenders who went through the standard court process re-offended afterward. Roughly 17% of offenders who went through a drug court re-offended after they completed the court process. If you are caught up in a cycle of crime and addiction, there are treatment options to help and drug courts can help offenders achieve their sobriety.


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