How Do I Talk to My Child About Not Binge Drinking at Parties?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Thursday, 21, November 2019

It can be challenging sometimes to speak to children and teens about the dangers of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, binge drinking is a major problem within most levels of schools, and many young teens and young adults get caught up in the problems. Speaking to a child about binge drinking should be like any other type of conversation. Parents should be honest and inform their children about the facts, how dangerous binge drinking is, and what the long-term effects will be. It is important for parents to explain to their children that there will be temptation, peer pressure, and that alcohol will be made available to them at parties or social gatherings they attend.

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Binge drinking involves consuming large quantities of alcohol at one time, and only doing so one or two days/nights a week. Binge drinking is done at parties to feel the effects of the alcohol quicker, but unfortunately, the after effects include a bad hangover, depression, and even possible anxiety. Throughout different levels of school, teens and young adults will be attending parties and social gatherings; this cannot necessarily be avoided. If parents can teach their children about responsibility and the dangers of alcohol, they will know that their kids will make reasonable and responsible choices.