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How Do I Know If Someone Is Abusing Painkillers?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Substance abuse may not always be easy to spot, but there are signs and symptoms to look for.  Painkiller addiction is difficult to spot in the early stages.  But you may have noticed changes in their mood or behavior.  There may be something telling you that something is wrong.  If you are noticing changes or feel that something is off, you should ask yourself some questions.  What are the chances that they could be addicted to painkillers?  Have they recently prescribed painkillers for a medical reason or have they started drinking more or using other drugs.

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Unfortunately, roughly one-third of the people who are prescribed painkillers abuse them.  There are some things that may contribute to painkiller abuse.  If the person is living in a stressful environment or is unemployed and living below the poverty line.  In many cases, there may be a history of abuse in the family.  Some individuals struggle with legal problems or are always feeling depressed or anxious.  It is important to note what changes occurred.  A person addicted to painkillers can still hold down a job, maintain a family life, and other responsibilities.    

The common signs are taking the painkiller in a way not intended by the doctor.  Taking the drug just in case there is a pain being felt.  There are drastic changes in sleep patterns and essentially poor decision making.  The individual may be seeking the drug from multiple doctors or talking medication from other people.  When someone is addicted to painkillers you will worry about them.  They will start to lie and make excuses for the actions.  It is common for them to withdrawal from the family and become consumed by the drugs they are abusing.  It is important to find the right type of help and treatment.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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