How Do I Help Someone Who Is Detoxing from Alcohol?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 22, October 2019

If a friend or family member has admitted to having an alcohol problem, there are a few ways to aid them in finding help for their addiction. The preferred method is to find an inpatient care program where they can complete the detoxification process under the care of a doctor or counselling professional. However, many people are unwilling or unable to utilize this option due to their family and living situations. If you are going to help someone through a self-detox process, you need to keep a few tips in mind.

To start, always remember it is not safe for anyone to go through the detoxification process alone. While it is hard to be present while a loved one is going through this process, they will need the support of a friend or family member as well as a watchful eye in case there are complications. This stage is vital for those wanting to detoxify themselves at home; however, it will be difficult dealing with the imminent mood swings and outbursts that often occur.

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Make it clear that checking in with a doctor is important. If you are in contact with a medical professional who offers house calls, make that your first option, otherwise, insist on visits to the clinic in order to not only give a change of setting for the patient, but also to keep an eye on their health during the detoxification process. Another option is to find an outpatient detoxification center to work with during this time, as they will have counselling professionals on call to help with the hardest periods in the process. You do not put a box of chocolate in front of a child and tell them not to touch it. The temptation is just too great. The same is true for alcohol in the home of a person going through detox. Remove the temptation.

During the physical detoxification process, be supportive of the patient. Remind them that while it may seem like they are not going to succeed, they are winning the fight. Patients need to be encouraged in their efforts, as this process is difficult even for those with a short period of abuse.