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How Do I Get Started with a Drug & Alcohol Home Detox?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 05, August 2020

When you go to a formal detox program, such as medical detox or traditional detox, you have the benefit of professional help. Unfortunately, with home detox, there will not necessarily be on-site assistance or 24-hour medical help, besides the emergency line. When getting started with a home detox, there are some steps to follow. Seek out advice from an addiction specialist on how to detox properly. Depending on the type of drugs you are detoxing from, you will want expert advice to help you along the way. Consult your doctor or any doctor, and inquire about detox medication. These are medications to help treat symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, or agitation. Do not be caught off guard you do not get a prescription for narcotics. If your family doctor goes along with this, they may want to coordinate with a family member.

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You should prepare to eat well, stay hydrated, and stay active. All the things that are difficult during detox, but are important. Family or friends will help with this, but if you want to make it through a difficult detox, this is important. Ensure you have someone monitoring you for physical distress and or suicidal behavior. This may sound extreme, but anything can happen when your mind and body go through withdrawals. Have a solid plan to combat the cravings, incorporate vitamin and mineral supplementation. Finally, have a medical or safety plan in place, in the event things go wrong. This comes back to ensuring someone is monitoring your progress along the way.


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