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How Do I Get into a Drug & Alcohol Residential Detox?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 05, August 2020

The process to enter a residential detox is unique to the detox facility. The admission process will depend on whether the program is state-funded, subsidized, or private. Federally or state-funded drug detox programs have waitlists. A waitlist is created because of the number of people requiring services. Some residential detox services operate as a first come first served, meaning you have to call every day to see if a bed is available. It is important to place your name on a waitlist and contact residential detox programs each day to check for beds. Subsidized residential detox programs are partially funded, but charge a daily rate for living expenses. These detox programs do not typically have waitlists, but it is not uncommon.

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Private residential detox programs have an admission process that can happen right away. You are paying for the program. Typically, this is a daily amount or a flat rate per week. You still have to contact a private detox and go through its admission process. If the detox is able to handle your addiction, admission can happen the same day or the next day. Private residential detox will typically have more on-site services to help its clients. Both private medical detox and traditional detox centers are available throughout the United States.


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