How Do I Begin to Trust My Daughter After She Has Completed Drug Rehab?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 07, December 2019

When your daughter is addicted to drugs and using drugs, they will tend not to have the trust of their family members and friends. Parents, especially, unless they are enabling their daughter, will not trust them as they have seen everything that has occurred because of the addiction. Re-gaining trust is difficult, but at the drug treatment facility, the program should help the clients learn new skills to build trust, and make up damages that were done. This process does not happen overnight, and because there have been so many bad experiences with the addiction, it will be hard for parents to trust their daughter right away when they return home from drug rehabilitation.

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Parents should be involved throughout the rehabilitation process, and many programs will offer family counseling to help them handle unresolved issues. Trust does go both ways, when your daughter comes home from rehab, she knows that her parents will not fully trust her. Her parents know this, and must not overreact and give the benefit of the doubt at first. Most parents who have lived with an addict will know the signs when something is wrong, but there are also the overreaction and irrational thinking because of past experiences. It is not going to be easy, but if a former addict and their family can work together; the trust can be built again, but it will take time, and parents must play an active role.