How Do I Adjust to College Life While in Substance Abuse Recovery?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 06, December 2019

Adjusting to college life while in recovery is not easy, but most colleges have collegiate recovery programs, and college counseling services. This would be a good place to start to help with support and resources. When you are back in college after treatment, there will still be drugs and alcohol around. Heavy drinking is common and is part of college life for many students. However, you can fill your time with productive activities, and many things that do not revolve around drinking or drugs. Collegiate recovery groups help students in recovery. You can access meetings and support groups, and sober social functions. Sober social gatherings are common on many college campuses. This provides an opportunity for students who do not do drugs or alcohol to socialize and stay away from the party scene. For example, this could be movie nights, potluck dinner, or even sporting events. Your schedule while at college is often busy, and you may want to take on extracurricular activities while you are there. You could join some clubs, sports teams, or become more involved in the community. The point is to fill your time so as you are not tempted to go to the parties.

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Staying connected to recovery groups is always a good idea. Peer support groups outside of the college can also help. If you feel uncomfortable being around the college environment all the time, this would be a good option to consider. Living off-campus may also be a good idea and this way you are away from the party scene and have more control over your environment. Adjusting to life after treatment takes time, and it is literally one day at a time. Use the knowledge you have gained from treatment and apply it every day. Never stop working on your sobriety and follow through with aftercare. Keep connected with other sober people and stay focused on your goal of graduating from college.