How Are Drugs Such as Methamphetamine and Heroin Impacting Texas?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Monday, 09, December 2019

Methamphetamine remains the biggest drug threat within the state. In 2016 there were 715 deaths due to methamphetamine, and 539 deaths because of heroin. The meth being used in the state is 95% pure and is being smuggled in from Mexico. The methamphetamine seizures at the Texas-Mexico border crossings have increased well over 100%. Liquid meth is being smuggled into the country, and the price of methamphetamine has decreased by almost half. Some of the public health concerns include the rising rate of HIV, and the HIV rates in the state are now higher than they were in 1987.

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Methamphetamine creates devastating addictions and requires intense long-term drug treatment. Meth addicts must go through detox, and then transition into a drug treatment center for help. The methamphetamine problems in the state are compounded by heroin addiction problems. The Mexican opium production has been increasing to meet the growing demand for heroin, but the seizures of heroin at the Texas-Mexico border have decreased by 2%. The state of Texas has not seen as much of an impact form heroin, because the heroin used in Texas is mostly Mexican black tar and cannot be easily mixed with fentanyl. Heroin addicts often start with abusing prescription opioids.

However, when an opioid addict can no longer afford their drug of choice, heroin becomes a cheaper alternative. Heroin addiction is a deadly problem and requires a medical detox, followed by lengthy inpatient treatment. If you are struggling with a methamphetamine or heroin addiction, it is important to find the proper help. Drug treatment centers in the state provide effective treatment solutions. An addict can find help through state-funded and private drug rehab centers in the state to treat any type of meth or heroin addiction.