How Are Christian Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Different from Other Rehabilitation Centers?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 06, December 2019

There are many addicts who are struggling with drug addiction and seeking out spiritual help and support. Faith-based programs will not be a good fit for everyone, yet are effective options for addicts who want physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. Most Christian drug rehab centers are non-denominational, which means someone from any Christian denomination can attend. Spiritual guidance is part of the clinical treatment. Whereas traditional drug treatment programs do not incorporate spiritual healing. Christian programs are different from other rehab services because they help Christians apply their faith to the difficult process of addiction treatment. In many cases, these programs have shown to be as effective as other forms of help. The programs will provide standard treatment protocols and methodologies. It is often evidence-based and spiritual treatment to help the client through an addiction. The treatment process is not easy for any addict, and it takes time to successfully work through a program. There is a spiritual side to recovery, and it does help long-term addicts overcome their addiction.

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Whether it is the detox, withdrawal, counseling, and aftercare, spirituality can be incorporated into all aspects of treatment. According to a 2014 study by SAMHSA, there were over 22 million Americans at that time who needed treatment for addiction. it also showed that only 2.6 million Americans received treatment through a specialty facility, such as a Christian rehab program. If you have strong religious faith, you will find more success through a Christian treatment program. Many former addicts attribute their faith in helping them overcome their addiction. Their spirituality gave them a feeling of strength to recover as well as a sense of protection during the treatment process. There is also a variety of faith-based treatment options, because of the different faiths. For example, the Jewish faith is found to be used at some drug rehab centers within the country. For Christians, they may feel more comfortable attending a program that emphasizes a spiritual focus.

The average person addicted to drugs makes more than one attempt at treatment before they overcome their addiction. This is not unusual, because each addiction is different, and the underlying issues are never the same. If you can incorporate spirituality into treatment, this does make for a more well-rounded treatment approach. Drug addictions become dangerous problems when the right help is not gotten. Outpatient and residential rehabilitation centers provide Christian programs. The only difference from other drug rehab centers it the use of the Christian faith.