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Does Residential Detox Allow Me to Take My Prescribed Medication?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 04, August 2020

This will all depend on the type of medication and what it is needed for. Most residential drug detox centers will not permit narcotic prescription drugs. For example, sleeping pills, anxiety medications, or pain medications. Traditional residential detox programs are not necessarily licensed or have medical professionals to administer prescription drugs. Medical detox programs will have licensed medical professionals. These medical professionals can administer prescription drugs, and often work with patients who are taking certain medications. If you are taking prescription medications for a health condition, it is recommended you attend a medical detox program. Primarily because there is often 24-hour medical care at these residential detox programs.

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It is not uncommon for a drug addict to be prescribed different medications. Unfortunately, some of these medications may be narcotics. In most situations, the medications are needed for a health condition. When you start to contact the different residential detox centers, they will go over your medical history. Inform them of what medications you are taking, and they will tell you if it is ok for you to take these drugs while going through drug detox. Most narcotic drugs are not permitted at residential detox. Unless it is a medical detox program, and they are being used as part of the detox process.


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