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Do Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Need to Be in the Network for Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

When you select a treatment center it will often depend on what your insurance policy covers. This will also include the costs that will be passed along to you. Typically, within health insurance plans there will be two things offered. One will be the Health Maintenance Organization plan and the other is the Preferred Provider Organization. For example, an HMO will only cover you at HMO-contracted facilities. Yet with a PPO there tend to be more options with the number of providers. A PPO plan can also allow you to access out-of-network but it will cost more.

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When searching for a drug and alcohol treatment program in your state, you should explore all the options. Based on your plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield you will have access to certain provider networks. However, you should try to select a drug rehab center that will be the best option for the addiction being treated. Not every drug rehab program is the best fit for one particular addiction. You should certainly be using your health insurance to help pay for treatment. But if you have a PPO plan, you should explore other treatment options out-of-network. Find out what the extra costs will be and if it is possible to pay for them.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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