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Do Non-12-Step Substance Abuse Programs Cost More?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

The cost of a non-12-step program depends on the type of facility it is. Starting with government-funded programs, these services are often low cost or no cost to the client. As long as they are a resident of the state and have Medicaid or Medicare, they can access the services. Some state-funded programs do not require health insurance and provide free services to people who need them. Other state or federally operated programs will cost a small fee, and the remainder is paid for by the state. It is important to know that most government-operated addiction services operate with the 12-step model. However, when dealing with individual counseling and therapy, this is typically a different approach.

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There is a difference in cost with short-term and long-term treatment centers. Non-12-step rehabilitation programs are available for lengthy or short-term help. Within the private sector, the cost does vary depending on what is provided. For example, luxury rehabilitation centers can cost around 40 or 60 thousand dollars. The average private short-term non-12-step will cost between $10 to $15,000. However, within the private sector, the cost varies up and down significantly and health insurance is also accepted at most treatment centers. Twelve-step meetings are always free unless they are part of a drug rehab center. The cost of non-12-step treatment is different for each facility, and it is important to explore the many different options available.


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