Do 12-Step Substance Abuse Programs Really Work?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 15, November 2019

Twelve-step programs can and do work, and what most people who attend them find beneficial, is the on-going support and sober individuals they surround themselves with. Environment plays a major role in staying drug-free, and being around other sober like-minded individuals will contribute to remain sober. The twelve-step method has been around for a very long time, and there are twelve-step programs in every community, town, and city. Many inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation programs work with twelve-step models of treatment. However, a twelve-step program is only successful if the person takes responsibility and works the steps and stays connected.

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Achieving sobriety is not easy, and twelve-step programs, whether they are meetings or within a drug rehab center, does take some work. The twelve-step process is not a quick fix, and there are no quick fixes for drug or alcohol addiction. Not everyone will be successful with the twelve-step methodology, and this simply means they require a different, more non-traditional approach. To really determine if a twelve-step program is effective, an addict can get an addiction assessment done at a drug treatment program or through a local counseling service. It is important for any type of drug addiction to find the best possible treatment options and services to treat the addiction and the underlying problems.