Can You Force Someone into Long-Term Drug Rehab?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 10, December 2019

The only circumstance where someone can be forced into treatment is through the courts. Usually, an individual can only be court-ordered into detox or some type of short-term treatment program. Also, once the person has finished the initial treatment, the court cannot order them into a long-term residential rehab center. Many addicts are caught up in the criminal justice system and are fortunate to receive treatment instead of jail time. Usually, addicts who end up going to jail have a higher rate of relapse once released. Unless the prison provides in-house drug treatment, the addict will more than likely return to abusing drugs and alcohol.  

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The most effective way to convince someone to attend long-term drug rehab is through intervention. Intervention is done with a professional interventionist, along with family and friends. Intervention does not force someone into treatment, but rather shows them how their addiction is affecting others. When this is done, it makes it much easier to convince an addict to accept change. The intervention process is successful, but must be done with a professional. Convincing an addict to attend long-term drug rehab should be considered first. Long-term residential treatment provides more treatment options and resources for all types of substance abuse.