Can I Get Drug Rehabilitation Instead of Going to Prison for Drug-Related Charges?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Monday, 21, October 2019

Yes, most people who are charged because of a drug addiction will typically appear before a drug-related court, and depending on their past record and circumstances, they may be court ordered or mandated to attend a drug treatment program. In other circumstances, the individual may still be sentenced to prison, and is mandated to attend internal programs provided in the prison. When a person is sentenced to drug treatment instead of prison, they are usually a first-time offender, and the crime was not that great. Drug offence courts are attempting to lessen the prison population and helping addicts get treatment instead of going to jail.

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Most addicts will find a way to keep using in prison, but this will depend upon the type of prison they were sentenced. Drug treatment programs and services should be able to help the addict put an end to the cycle of crime and addiction. Unfortunately, drug addiction can force someone to commit a crime to keep his or her addiction going. When this happens, the requests for treatment are usually made by a lawyer or some type of legal representation. Crime and addiction can be an endless cycle if the proper help is not gotten right away and many drug treatment programs and facilities work together with the criminal-justice system to ensure an addict has a chance to turn his or her life around.