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Can I Find In-Network or Out-Of-Network Providers for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Within the Humana Behavioral Health insurance plans, they will not typically cover out-of-network treatment facilities.  Someone who has coverage through Humana will have to pay for treatment if they search outside of the network.  It is often beneficial to attend a treatment program that you know will work well for you.  If there is a circumstance where an out-of-network program is covered, there will be a higher deductible the insured has to pay.  Humana Behavioral Health will require clients to receive a referral from a medical professional.  This is needed before the insurance provider can cover the treatment.

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Your health insurance plan will also have a particular treatment or aspects of treatment that will not be covered.  Humana Behavioral Health will not often cover executive treatment, luxury or private programs, new age therapies, or over the counter drugs.  An in-network inpatient drug rehab center will be covered.  The amount that will be covered will be dependent upon the type of plan and coverage you have.  This does not include the luxury private drug rehab centers in your state.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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