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Can an Addict Be Forced to Go to Drug Rehab?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

A drug or alcohol addict can be forced to drug rehab, and there is this common misconception that addicts cannot be forced to get help. Typically when family or friends attempt to interfere with a drug addict's addiction, there will, of course, be a backlash and the refusal to get help. Most drug addicts do not want to get help, and normally every addict is forced to get help in some way. Initially, the most straightforward way that an addict can be forced to get help is because of a court order. It is very common for drug and alcohol addicts to get caught up with the law, and have to face a judge. Courts all throughout the country order drug addicts to treatment for a variety of different reasons. Other common occurrences where addicts are forced to treatment are for their children.

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When an addict has kids, they will risk losing these children if they continue to use drugs and alcohol. Family and friends can force an addict to get help if they ever want to be part of their children's lives. There are other examples such as a spouse forcing their significant other to treatment, or they will end the relationship. Drug and alcohol interventions essentially force an addict to get help by simply setting a bottom line and giving the addict zero options. Drug and alcohol addicts can be forced to treatment, and once they are there; once they witness a positive change they will begin to want to see more change and overcome their addiction. Of course, there are always addicts who will not get help despite being forced and all the consequences attached to it, but this is not a large percentage.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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