At What Stage of Addiction Would Someone Need to Go to Drug & Alcohol Rehab?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Monday, 21, October 2019

A person should seek out help at any stage of drug addiction. There is this ridiculous common misconception that an addict must hit rock bottom, or they must be so far along before they should get help. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction kill people, and regardless if someone has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a month or 20 years, they should get help. The important thing to remember with this will be what type of help is needed. An addict who has been abusing drugs recreationally for a few months may not require a long-term inpatient drug treatment program but may benefit more from an outpatient or short-term inpatient rehab, or drug detox and counseling.

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The addict who has been addicted all of his or her life will likely require the long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation center. Most addictions will never get better, but will always become progressively worse. The human body was never designed to maintain these different levels of illicit substances and continuous abuse. The sooner that an addict can get help, the better. Understand that when confronting an addict about getting help, they will likely dismiss it as not being a problem, and they can stop anytime, especially in the early stages of addiction. There is a less than a one-percent chance that an addict will stop using on their own and become clean off drugs.