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Are Specific Drug Addictions Covered by My Health Insurance?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Per the website, any insurance company participating in the Marketplace must provide care in ten essential health categories.  Drug addiction does fall within one of these categories.  Private health insurance providers do often stick with these guidelines.  It is not common for health insurance providers to separate drugs into categories.  Drug addiction is looked at as a broad problem needing the proper type of treatment and care.  Yet, opioid addiction may have specific treatment options available that some health insurance providers offer plans for.  But typically, every substance that is abused will be covered by your health insurance plan. 

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Health insurance providers do not want to spend extra money on assessments, testing, and interviews to determine the type of drugs you are using.  Health insurance companies will keep things simple and cover everything.  The type of plan you have with Blue Cross Blue Shield will determine what type of drug treatment you can access.  Regardless of the type of drugs you are using, you should be seeking out some type of help and treatment.  It is important to find the right kind of drug rehab center to ensure all areas of your addiction can be treated properly.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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